Dr Leena Borah

Ph.D. :Tezpur University

Research Interests:

Climate change mitigation and adaptation, Agricultural greenhouse gas emissions, soil science, environmental stress, plant physiology and biochemistry, environmental microbiology

Email: leeborah[AT]gmail.com
Joined the University in 20-November-2015.

Career Profile/Services:

1.Junior Research Fellow – Ministry of Environment and Forests funded research project (2009 -2010)

2. DST INSPIRE Fellow – PhD research (2010 - 2015)

3. Assistant Professor - 2015 - present 

Administrative assignments within and outside the institution :

1. Head-in-charge, Department of Environmental Biology and Wildlife Sciences, Cotton University (2018 - present)

2. Member, Students Counselling Cell, Cotton University

3. Member, Disaster Management Cell, Cotton University

4. Member, Institutional Biosafety Committee, Cotton University

5. Member, Departmental Research Committee, Department of Environmental Biology and Wildlife Sciences, Cotton University

6. Member, UG-PG Board of Studies, Department of  Environmental Biology and Wildlife Sciences, Cotton University

7. Member, INTACH working group of Cotton University

8. Member, Solid Waste Management Committee, Cotton University

Activities/assignments in the University : 

1. Departmental representative, CBCS curriculum development committee, Cotton University

2. Member, HS/UG/PG Admission Committee -2016, 2017, 2018 

3. Member, Organizing Committee for World Environment Day -2017, 2018, 2019

4. Member,  Organizing Committee for World Water Day -2018

5. Member,  Organizing Committee for World Sparrow Day -2018

6. Chairperson in Technical Session 3 of National Conference on Green, Sustainable and Evolving Sciences, 2019