Dr. Mayuri Chabukdhara

Dr. Mayuri Chabukdhara

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. : Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Research Interests:

Pollution monitoring, Emerging contaminants, Pollution indices, Environmental Risk assessment, Waste management, Water and wastewater treatment, Bioremediation
Joined the University in Nov 26, 2015

Phone: 9436962824
Email: mayuri.chabukdhara@cottonuniversity.ac.in

Vidwan Profile


Career Profile/Services :

1. Junior Research Fellow in DST Sponsored Project in the Department of Civil Engineering, NERIST, Itanagar (2007- 2008)

2. Research Scientist, North Eastern Space Application Centre, Department of Space, India, Meghalaya, India (2013-2015 )

3. Assistant professor,  Environmental Biology and Wildlife Sciences, Cotton University (November 2015-Till date)


PG Course

1st semester: EWS703C - Environmental Chemistry and Pollution


2nd semester: EWS803C - Environmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment

3rd semester: EWS902C - Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology

                       EWS903 Pollution Control and Waste Management


4th semester: EWS 1002SP2 - Earth Processes, Energy and Environmental Impact Assessment


Part of  UG courses

EVS 101CMP-Introduction to Environmental Science

EVS304E-Environmental Pollution

EVS404E-Environmental Hazard and Mitigation

EVS504E-Environmental Resources, Management and Policies



Research Projects


Sl. No. Principal Investigator Mentor Title of the Project Period Sponsoring Agency Sanctioned Amoun Status
1 Dr. Pratibha Deka(National Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Mayuri Chabukdhara  Health implications to woman and children in biomass using households of Assam  2016-2017  DST-SERB  Rs.19,20,000/- Completed
2 Dr. Mayuri Chabukdhara  - Investigation of heavy metals in soil-rice systems in northeast India: food safety implications and evaluation of best management practices  2017-2020  DST-SERB  Rs.30,27,950/-  Ongoing


Research Projects

slno Name of the Project Name of the Principal Investigator Name of the Copi Name of the Funding agency Type (Government/Non-Government) Year Funds sanctioned (INR in lakhs) Duration of the project
1 Investigation of heavy metals in soil-rice systems in northeast India: food safety implications and evaluation of best management practices Dr. Mayuri Chabukdhara SERB Government 2017 25.2475 3 years

Research paper publications till 2021

  1. Dipannita Deka, Pinky Bora, N. Nirjanta Devi, Mayuri Chabukdhara (2021) “Biosorption of Cadmium by fungi isolated from Bharalu river, Assam”. Journal of Tropical Life Science, 11, 279-284

  2. Sunitee Gohain Baruah, Imdadul Ahmed, Banashree Das, Bhomtalika Ingtipi,  Himangshu Boruah, Sanjay K Gupta, Arvind K. Nema,  Mayuri Chabukdhara* (2020) “ Heavy metal(loid)s contamination and health risk assessment of soil-rice system in rural and peri-urban areas of lower Brahmaputra valley, Northeast India”. Chemosphere, 266, 129150

  3. Amar Hanse, Mayuri Chabukdhara*, Sunitee Gohain Baruah, Himangshu Boruah, Sanjay K Gupta (2019) “Fluoride contamination in groundwater and associated health risks in Karbi Anglong District, Assam, Northeast India”. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 191: 782
  4. Sanjay K. Gupta, Faiz Ahmed Ansari, Mahmoud Nasr, Mayuri Chabukdhara, Faizal Bux (2018) “Multivariate analysis and health risk assessment of heavy metal contents in foodstuffs of Durban, South Africa”. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 190:151
  5.  Mayuri Chabukdhara*, Sanjay K. Gupta, Yatharth Kotecha, Arvind K. Nema (2017) “Groundwater quality in Ghaziabad district, Uttar Pradesh, India: multivariate and health risk assessment”. Chemosphere, 179: 167–178
  6. Nivedita Barman, Pranamika Bhuyan, Mayuri Chabukdhara, Pratibha Deka, Raza Rafiqul Hoque (2017) “PM10 Bound Elements, Ions, Carbon and PAHs during Festive Biomass Burning over the Brahmaputra Valley” Asian Journal of Water, Environment and Pollution, 14:27–40
  7. Mayuri Chabukdhara*, Amit Munjal, Arvind K. Nema, Sanjay K. Gupta & Rajendra Kumar Kaushal (2016) “Heavy metal contamination in vegetables grown around peri-urban and urban-industrial clusters in Ghaziabad, India”. Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, 22: 736–752
  8. Mayuri Chabukdhara*, Sanjay Kumar Gupta, Arvind Kumar Nema (2016) “Assessment Of Seasonal Variation of Surface Water Quality: Environmetric And Indexing Approach”. IIOAB Journal, 7:16−24
  9. Mayuri Chabukdhara*, O.P Singh (2016) “Coal mining in northeast India: an overview of environmental issues and treatment approaches.” International Journal of Coal Science and Technology, 3:87−96
  10.  Sanjay Kumar Gupta, Mayuri Chabukdhara, Jaswant Singh, Faizal Bux (2015) “Evaluation and Potential Health Hazard of Selected Metals in Water, Sediments, and Fish from the Gomti River.” Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, 21:227−240
  11. Mayuri Chabukdhara* and Arvind K. Nema (2015) “Reply to Comment on “Assessment of heavy metal contamination in Hindon River sediments: A chemometric and geochemical approach.”Chemosphere, 119:1467-1469
  12. Sanjay Kumar Gupta, Mayuri Chabukdhara, Praveen Kumar, Jaswant Singh, Faizal Bux (2014) “Evaluation of ecological risk of metal contamination in river Gomti, India: A biomonitoring approach.”Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 110: 49–55
  13.  Mayuri Chabukdhara* and Arvind K. Nema (2013) “Heavy metals assessment in urban soil around industrial clusters in Ghaziabad, India: probabilistic health risk approach”. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety87: 57-64
  14.  Rakesh Kumar, Mayuri Chabukdhara (2013) “Assessment of drinking water supply in hilly rural habitations of Northeastern region of India.” International journal of Earth Science and Engineering, 6: 338−346
  15. Mayuri Chabukdhara* and Arvind K. Nema (2012) “Assessment of heavy metal contamination in river sediments: a chemometric and geochemical approach”. Chemosphere 87: 945-953
  16. Mayuri Chabukdhara* and Arvind K. Nema (2012) “Heavy Metals in Water, Sediments and Aquatic Macrophytes: A Case Study in River Hindon, India”. Journal of Hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste16: 273-281
  17. Mayuri Chabukdhara*, Arvind K. Nema, Sanjay K. Gupta (2012) “Metal Contamination in Market Based Vegetables in an Industrial Region, India”. Bulletin of environmental contamination and Toxicology 89: 129-132
  18. Rajendra Kumar Kaushal, George K. Varghese, Mayuri Chabukdhara (2012) “Municipal Solid Waste Management in India-Current State and Future Challenges: A Review.” International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, 4: 1473−1489
  19. Surindra Suthar, Jitender Sharma, Mayuri Chabukdhara, Arvind K. Nema (2010) " Water Quality Assessment of River Hindon at Ghaziabad, India: Impact of Industrial and Urban Wastewater”. Journal of Environmental Monitoring and Assessment,  165: 103-112
  20. Surindra Suthar, Arvind K. Nema, Mayuri Chabukdhara, Sanjay K. Gupta (2009) “Assessment of metals in water and sediments of Hindon River, India: Impact of industrial and urban discharges”. Journal of Hazardous Materials,171: 1088-1095
  21. P.L.N Raju et al. (2016). “Operational Remote Sensing Services In North Eastern Region Of India For Natural Resources Management, Early Warning For Disaster Risk Reduction And Dissemination Of Information And Services, The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, XLI-B4, 767-775, doi:10.5194/isprsarchives-XLI-B4-767-2016
  22. K. Chakraborty, P.P Mondal, Mayuri Chabukdhara, S. Sudhakar (2014). Forest fire scenario and challenges of mitigation during fire season in North East India, The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, XL-8, 27-33, doi:10.5194/isprsarchives-XL-8-27-2014

[* corresponding author] ( Total Google Scholar Citations: 1694, H-index: 13, i10 index: 15) https://scholar.google.co.in/citations?user=2y2WcucAAAAJ&hl=en&oi=ao


Chapters/Articles publications in Books (Research Oriented)

1. Bhaskar Das, Mayuri Chabukdhara, Sanjukta Patra, Manashjit Gogoi (2021) Current Knowledge on Toxicity of Nanomaterials: Toxicity Assessment and Impact, Nanotoxicology, CRC Press (Taylor and Francis Group), 339-375 2. Mayuri Chabukdhara, Sanjay Kumar Gupta, Arvind K. Nema (2021) “Heavy Metal Accumulation in Crops and Vegetables: An Overview of Current State, Sources and Associated Risks”. Field Practices for wastewater use in agriculture, Apple Academic Press, 25-49 3. Mayuri Chabukdhara, Sanjay Kumar Gupta, Faiz Ahmad Ansari, Amit K. Bajhaiya and Manish Kumar (2019) “Bioremediation of Organic Xenobiotics from Wastewater A Review”. Microbial Biodegradation of Xenobiotic Compounds, Science Publishers (An Imprint of CRC Press/ Taylor & Francis Group), 111 4. Sanjay Kumar Gupta1*, Sayanti Roy, Mayuri Chabukdhara, Jakir Hussain3, Manish Kumar (2019) “Risk of metal contamination in agriculture crops by reuse of wastewater: An Ecological and Human health risk perspectives”. Water Conservation, Recycling and Reuse: Issues and Challenges, Springer Publication, 55-59 5. Mayuri Chabukdhara, Manashjit Gogoi, Sanjay K Gupta (2019) “Potential and feasibility of the microalgal system in removal of pharmaceutical compounds from wastewater”. Application of Microalgae in Wastewater Treatment, Springer International AG Cham, Switzerland, 177-206 6. Mayuri Chabukdhara, Sanjay Kumar Gupta, Manashjit Gogoi (2017)“Phycoremediation of heavy metals coupled with generation of bioenergy”. Algal Biofuels: Recent Advances and Future Prospects, Springer International Publishing, pp. 163-188, DOI:10.1007/978-3-319-51010-1_9, ISBN:978-3-319-51009-5


Sl.No Name Research Topic Roll No
1 Rajashree Bhuyan Water Pollution Monitoring, Management and Bioremediation
2 Sunitee Gohain Baruah Heavy Metal contamination in soil- rice system
3 Ritu Paban Borah Ecotoxicology
4 Himangshu Boruah Nanomaterials, Water remediation.

Other Informations


1.    Invited lecture on  ‘An integrated approach for groundwater quality assessment with special reference to heavy metals and fluoride contamination’ at International conference on “Engineering Sciences and Technologies for Environmental Care”  20-22nd February, 2020 at NEIST Jorhat, Assam, India
2.    Resource Person in Cleaner India Programme for DD-National recording on 20th December, 2018 at Doordarshan Kendra Guwahati Studio
3.    Invited Lecture on Construction and Demolition Waste Management under Green Skill Development Programme (GSDP) Certificate Course on Waste Management sponsored by MoEF & CC, GoI at ENVIS Centre, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong, Meghalaya, 4th September, 2018
4.    Invited Lecture on “Waste Management” under Green Skill Development Programme (GSDP) Certificate Course on Waste Management sponsored by MoEF & CC, GoI at ENVIS Centre, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong, Meghalaya, 5th September, 2018
5.    Invited talk on “Arsenic contamination in groundwater with special reference to northeast India: an overview”, in “DEMETRIX” an All Assam Geological Fest, 27th -28th April, 2018, Cotton University, Guwahati, Assam
6.    Resource person for workshop on “Environmental Impact Assessment” at YETI (Young Ecologist Talk and Interaction) held at Tezpur Universty, 5-7th January, 2017
7.    Talk on “An integrated approach for groundwater quality assessment” at 3rd  Cotton University Research Outreach Meeting (CUROM) held at Cotton University on 31st March, 2017

Popular Article:
•    An invited article on “Heavy metal contamination in vegetables grown in peri-urban areas” in Geography and You, 19, pp. 42-47, 2019


1.    Himangshu Boruah,  Khirod Kumar Dash,  Dambarudhar Mohanta,  Anjan Jyoti Borah, Mayuri Chabukdhara (2020) “Colocasia starch/zinc oxide nanocomposite film as a sustainable material for food packaging applications” at  international conference on “Engineering Sciences and Technologies for Environmental Care”   February 20-22, in the institute at Jorhat, Assam, India (Poster presentation)
2.    Amar Hanse, Sunitee Gohain Baruah, Himangshu Boruah, Mayuri Chabukdhara (2019) “Assessment of Fluoride Contamination in Karbi Anglong District, Assam” at  National Conference on Green, Sustainable and Evolving Sciences , June 28-29, Cotton University, Guwahati, Asssam (Poster presentation)
3.    Maitreyee Baruah, Sunitee Boruah Gohain, Himangshu Boruah,  Mayuri Chabukdhara (2018) “ Assessment of heavy metals in Deepor Beel sediments, Asssam, India” at National Seminar on Harnessing Wetlands for sustainable Livelihood, November, 26-27, Cotton University, Guwahati, Assam
4.    Kasturi Chakraborty, Mayuri Chabukdhara, Partho P. Mondal, Suranjana B. Borah, S. Sudhakar, K K Sarma and P L N Raju(2017) “Status of forest fire- a case study from northeast India” at 38th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing, October 23-27, New Delhi
5.    Kasturi Chakraborty, Mayuri Chabukdhara, Partho P. Mondal, Suranjana B. Borah, Kasturi Goswami, Arup Borgohain, K K Sarma and P L N Raju(2017) “Forest fire scenario of North East India” in a Workshop on Space Technology Inputs for Disaster Risk Reduction in North Eastern Region with special emphasis on Early warning, Preparedness and Mitigation, 16-17 March, North Eastern Space Applications Centre Department of Space, Govt. of India Umiam, Shillong, Meghalaya
6.    Mayuri Chabukdhara (2017) “Heavy Metals Fractionation and Associated Risk in River Sediments of Hindon, India” at National Seminar on Recent Advances in Zoological Research and Integrative Biology, 28th February, Cotton University,Guwahati
7.    Mayuri Chabukdhara, Rakesh Kumar (2017)“Performance Analysis of Membrane Filtration Units in Northeast India: A Field-Based Study” at National Seminar on Science and Technology for Human Welfare, 27th February, Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Tecnology, Guwahati
8.    Pratibha Deka, Mayuri Chabukdhara, Raza Rafiqul Hoque (2017) “Biomass fuel and its health implications to women and children in India- an overview” at National Seminar on Climate Change and Society, 24-25 February, Tezpur University
9.    Mayuri Chabukdhara (2017) “Heavy metal contamination in agricultural soils around industrial city of Ghaziabad, India: a GIS based approach” at International Conference on Earth Science Conference on Challenges in Sustainable Resource Management and Way Forward, 29-31 January, University of Science and Technology, Meghalaya
10.    Mayuri Chabukdhara, Arvind K Nema (2016)“Assessment of Heavy Metals in River Sediments Using Fuzzy logic Approach”, National Conference on Mathematics and its Applications, 21-22 October, Cotton College State University, Guwahati, Assam
11.    Mayuri Chabukdhara, Manashjit Gogoi (2016) “Engineered Nanoparticles in Cosmetics: an Overview of Environmental and Health Issues”, National Conference on Recent Advances in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 8-9 September, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong, Meghalya
12.  Mayuri Chabukdhara, Partho Protim Mondal, Kasturi Chakraborty, S. Sudhakar (2014). “Assessment of Forest Fire Scenario: a case study of Northeast India”,  Regional Conference on Geoinformatics for Early Warning of Disasters with Special Emphasis on NE Region, Sept 18-19, 2014 NEHU, Shillong
13.  Mayuri Chabukdhara and Arvind K. Nema (2012) “Assessment of water quality using multivariate approach: a case study of river Hindon in Ghaziabad, India” (Poster presentation) at the 3rd GEM-IIT (Indo-French) research seminar entitled “Recent advances and innovations for sustainable water management” 3-6 December, IIT Delhi


  1. Panelist, Pollution in Guwahati-Way Forward, in North East Live News Channel broadcasted on 25th August, 2018,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ho2Y5kp9iSQ&t=184s
  2. Panelist, “Women in Science ” Yamin Hazarika Memorial Function on the 21st of May, 2017, at Blue Paradise, V.I.P. Road, Guwahati, Assam
  3. Invited as Judge for Science Exhibition on the theme “VISION 2030-Lets Create a World through Sustainable Development” held in St Vivekananda English Academy on 23rd March 2018
  4. Reviewer of research papers submitted to the journals: Journal of Talanta (Elsevier), Chemosphere (Elsevier), Science of the Total Environment (Elsevier), Environmental Pollution (Elsevier), Measurement (Elsevier), Journal of Hazardous Materials (Elsevier), Journal of Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safty (Elsevier), Journal of Environmental Science and Pollution Research (Springer), Journal of Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (Springer), Journal of Environment, Development and Sustainability (Springer), Journal of Environmental Earth Sciences (Springer), Soil and Sediment Contamination (Taylor and Francis), Desalination and Water Treatment (Taylor & Francis), Human and Ecological Risk Assessment (Taylor & Francis), Journal of Health and Pollution (Blacksmith Publ), Current Science
  5. Certificate of Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing for journals:
  • Environmental Pollution(Elsevier); Science of The Total Environment(Elsevier);
  • Chemosphere(Elsevier);
  • Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety(Elsevier)
  • Administrative assignments within and outside the institution
    1. Member, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Board of Studies, Department of Environmental Biology and Wildlife Sciences, Cotton University, Guwahati. -2018
    2. Member, Departmental Research Committee, Department of Environmental Biology and Wildlife Sciences, Cotton University, Guwahati.  -2017
    3. Member, Executive Committee, Cotton University Teacher Association. (2017-till date )
    4. Coordinator, PhD Coursework, Cotton College State University (2016-2017)
    5. Member, Library Committee, Cotton College State University. -2016
    Activities/assignments in the University  
    1. Organising Committee Member, World Water Day Celebration organised jointly by Safe Water Centre for Healthy Assam (SWaCHA) (22 March 2018)
    2. Organising Committee Member, World Environment Day Celebration, Organised jointly by Cotton University and United Nations Resource Centre, North Eastern Region at Cotton University (5 June 2018 )
    3. Involved in compilation of Research Project Database for Annual Report,  Cotton College State University -2017
    4. Member (Exhibition Committee), IASST-CCSU Science Fair -2017
    5. Member (Exhibition Committee), National Science Day, Cotton College State University and IASST (28-29 February, 2016)
    6. Organised a colloquium on “Terahertz (THz) response of materials in High Magnetic Field” delivered by Papori Gogoi, High Field Magnet Laboratory, Radboud University, The Netherlands at Cotton College State University (7 March 2016)


  1. Organized National Science Day in the Department on 28th February 2018
  2. Moderator of Group Discussion on theme “Exploring nature based solution to address water quality issues” held on World Water Day on 22nd March 2018
  3. Moderator of Brainstorming Session: “Can we make Cotton University Plastic Free? In World Environment Day on 5th June 2018

Association with Professional Bodies

1.    Life member of Indian Science Congress Association, India
2.    Life member of Indian Society of Geomatics (ISG), India
3.    Life member of Indian Society of Remote Sensing, India