International Webinar

Date: Aug 6, 2021 | Time: 7:00 PM | Venue/Mode: Cotton University

A public talk by Dr Ron Chandler, University of Florida, USA

Title: The Psychology of Sustainability Understanding the relationship between Human Dignity and Sustainability

Abstract: The discussion of the psychology of sustainability will begin with the exploration of what research in psychological science reveals about why we behave toward ourselves and each other as we do. More specifically, I will discuss the reciprocal relationship between how we think, feel, and act toward ourselves and others directly affects our experience of dignity. Research in sustainability psychology indicates that our experience of dignity affects how and to what extent we perceive our responsibility to act sustainably and whether or not we actually do. The first tenet of the psychology of sustainability, Any solution to a sustainability problem that does not first address factors negatively affecting human dignity will ultimately not be sustainable, reflects this discovery. Theories and concepts such as social value orientation, the plasticity of the human psyche, human ecology, ecology of understanding, paradigm shift, and green fear and green courage acts of kindness, and Five Facets of Sustainability will be discussed toward illustrating the psychology of sustainability of the relationship between dignity and sustainability.

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