Dr Kushal Kumar Baruah, M.Sc (GU), Ph.D (PAU), Post Doct (Moscow), FISPP, FNESA, JC Bose Gold Medalist

Dr Kushal Kumar Baruah, M.Sc (GU), Ph.D (PAU), Post Doct (Moscow), FISPP, FNESA, JC Bose Gold Medalist


Ph.D. : Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana

Research Interests:

Environmental stress, Greenhouse Gas Emission and Mitigation from Agricultural Sector, Carbon Sequestration in Terrestrial Ecosystems
Joined the University in Nov 30, -0001

Phone: +919365120550
Email: kkbaruah14@gmail.com

Vidwan Profile


Prof. Kushal Kumar Baruah retired as a senior professor from the Department of Environmental Science, Tezpur University. He is currently serving as Dean, School of Environmental and Earth Sciences, School of Bio-Sciences and School of Life Sciences in Royal Global University, Guwahati. His primary research interests include climate change and greenhouse gas emissions from the agricultural sector, carbon sequestration in terrestrial ecosystems and environmental stress physiology. He has actively researched in these areas and published his findings in journals of national and international repute. He has also spoken on these topics in numerous seminars and conferences. He is the recepient of prestigious awards for his contributions in the fields of Environmental Science and Plant Physiology.


Involved in teaching papers on the following topics

- Global warming and Climate Change

- Environmental Stress

Research Projects

Research projects completed : 06

Research paper publications till 2021

Journal publications : 98 (National : 26; International: 72)

Papers in conference proceedings: 58

Grand total: 156


Book publication relating subject/research concerned


Chapters/Articles publications in Books (Research Oriented)


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Other Informations

Awards received: 04

1) J.C.Bose Gold Medal for outstanding research in Plant Physiology

2) Scientist of the year award and Gold Medal  by Academy of Environmental Sciences

3) Prof K.K.Nanda memorial lecture award during 4th International Congress of Plant Physiology 2018

4) Biseswariya University of Science and Technology, Bangalore Gold Medal Dec 2019